Jana Saleh is a performer, music producer, composer,  sound artist and DJ from Beirut, Lebanon currently residing in London.

Her work has seen her collaborate with artists from a wide range of artistic disciplines on stage and visual art projects in Lebanon and abroad.

Saleh’s current practice focuses on the exploration, adaptation, and promotion of sounds and music from the SWANA region.

Artistic Performances and Collaborations

Trapped In Three Movements

Trapped in Three Movements (RethinkingTarab), is a sound performance by artist Jana Saleh, comprising of three movements. Each movement take  place on a different evening, the third one culminating into a party. 

The Tubes: 
As a deconstructive element, 3 construction tubes are used to project the divided sound: 
-The Musicians and the Taqsim (improvisational element needed to create Tarab) 
-The Singer and the “Saltaneh” (the space the singer goes to, to transcend) 
-The Audience and the Tarab (the space created when all elements, especially the audience, become one) 

The Live Performance: 
A 45 minutes (length of a usual Tarab recording) improvised Live set playing with the music remixed for the tubes in an attempt to liberate the trapped sounds and create a further connection with the audience, in quest of Tarab. 

The Party: 
It's only after being part of an experience that a state of euphoria can take place. And in that state it's a celebration, a party. 

Produced by Beirut Art Center, 2019

Excerpt from Trapped In Three Movements

Mounira Al Solh – Lackadaisical Sunset to Sunset

A live performance with long term collaborator Mounira Al Solh based on her piece Lackadaisical Sunset to Sunset. The performance takes place in a tent crafted by the artist. 

Soupir is a quarter note rest in music, the time of one beat in silence, it also means a sigh in French. This is a composition for solo piano that broke during the august 4th blast of the pier of Beirut in 2020 recorded with a broken microphone in an untreated room in Beirut.

Featured in Irtijal's 2021 compilation Istimrar

Performing Cevdet Erek's Shore Scene Soundtrack

Performance using the exercises of “How to imitate the sound of the shore using two hands a carpet” (2014)

Jana Saleh performs Cevdet Erek's instructions on imitating the sound of the shore, performed as part of Durub Al Tawaya curated by Tarek Abou El Fetouh for Abu Dhabi Art 2014. The performance went in parallel to launching the first Arabic edition of SSS / Shore Scene Soundtrack by Cevdet Erek, translated and published by Kayfa ta.

Excerpt from a 1 hour long remix of Al Atlal

The one hour Remix is featured on the 99 records x Radio Alhara collaboration Tomorrow Is For Ever you can listen to it here  --->

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I Only Have Eyes For You Live composition based on the arabic poetry concept of “Ghazal”. Ghazal often deal with topics of spiritual and romantic love and may be understood as a poetic expression of both the pain of loss or separation from the beloved and the beauty of love in spite of that pain

Senyawa Remixes_05_Kiamat (Jana Saleh Remix)

Senyawa is an experimental band from Java, Indonesia. The Remix of Kiamat has been released in 2021 on the Lebanese label Ruptured Records 

Jana Saleh is an active member of the Beirut Dj scene, with more then a decade of playing  in clubs and parties in Lebanon, the Levant as well as Europe. Jana has a monthly residency on Radio Al Hara where she explores original material in 1hour sets. In addition her DJ sets have been played on NTS Radio in England, Radio Nova in France, Radio Veneno in Brazil and Roots Radio in Turkey. 

Recently based in London, Jana is the co-founder of Lazarus Arts and Culture a platform dedicated to promote and program music and artistic events from the SWANA region. 

Jana has been a long time collaborator to the Liza restaurant group, animating events at the flagship restaurant in Beirut, creating curated playlists for both their Beirut and Paris venues and as of recently, being part of the launch of  "Beyrouth je t'aime", a series of nights  aiming to give a taste of what it means to party and dine in a Lebanese style.  


selection of dj sets

NTS Radio Set

Music at Liza

Wake Island_Last Ruin Remix



Wake island is an electronic band from Beirut Lebanon based in Montreal, Quebec.The members are the founders of the Laylit parties in North America.

Last Ruins features Anya Kneez, Lebanon's drag queen super star on the cover and the video clip.


Olivia Erlanger - Portrait of D', music.

Music for the experimental film  Portrait of D' by Olivia Erlanger

Music for the  film  

Yes Repeat No (2023) by Micheal  Dahan

Music for the Netflix series "JINN"

 Track made with field recordings of  sounds of Amman, Jordan. For the Lebanese/Jordanian Netflix original JINN

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Sandra Mansour Fashion Films. Original score

Yours Truly Fashion Films. Original score

Upstream. Original score, piano improvisation



One take Piano Improvisation for Upstream

The First Time by Adreano Valerio. Original Score

Getaway - Original Music For Smirnoff Campaign

Johnnie Walker Keep Creating Lebanon campaign. Original music

Faces Beauty Products add campaign. Original track